Contemplation & Creativity



Contemplation & Creativity

SPRING 2022: UNST 1100 Contemplative Lab

CSC's Karolyn Kinane leads this 1-credit academic laboratory as a co-requisite for UVA students taking one of three courses in Dance, Public Speaking, and Music. Through the lab, students will have the opportunity to join a collaborative community of peers and faculty who care deeply about how life is lived and art is made. They'll explore how contemplation can support critical thinking, creative expression, problem solving, and ethical action in academic work and life. Students will practice deep reflection and presence, increase their self-awareness and connection to others, and enhance creativity.

Instructor: Karolyn Kinane

Fri, 2:00–3:15 pm

1 credit

The Contemplative Lab is offered as a co-requiste to the following Spring 2022 courses:

  • DANC 2300-001: Dance Improvisation

    This course is designed for beginning to intermediate students to explore the creative practice of dance improvisation. Through improvisational methods and structures, students will learn to develop their skills as improvisers and begin to appreciate the role of improvisation in composition (choreography) as well as performance.

    Instructor: Kim Brooks Mata

    Mon/Wed 2:00–3:15 pm
2 credits 

  • ENWR 2800-009: Public Speaking

    This course offers an inquiry-based approach to the development of a confident, engaging, and ethical public speaking style. Beyond practical skills, this course emphasizes rhetorical thinking: What are the conventions of public speaking? Where are there opportunities to deviate from convention in ways that might serve a speech's purpose? How might we construct an audience through the ways we craft language and plan the delivery of our speech

    Devin Donovan
    Mon/Wed 2:00–2:15 pm

    3 credits

  • MUSI 2090-001: Sound Studies

    In this course, students combine approaches from sound studies, musicology, anthropology, and composition in order to explore and experience music, sound, and artistic practice in their human (and non-human) behavioral contexts. Students investigate local and global sound cultures and trace the ways in which their sounds are sampled, remixed, circulated, and experienced. 

    Instructor: Noel Lobley

    Mon/Wed 2:00–3:15 pm
    3 credits

Learn more about the Contemplative Lab in our story, "Exploring the Creative Process through Contemplation: A New Lab for Students."