Summer 2018: Teaching Mindfulness in School - EDIS 5013 (Online Course)



Summer 2018: Teaching Mindfulness in School - EDIS 5013 (Online Course)


June 11, 2018 to July 27, 2018


Online Course

*This is a web-based course.

This course is designed to apply cutting edge science to the pedagogy of teaching mindfulness in schools. Teaching mindfulness is different than most other content areas because it requires the scaffolding of the teacher’s own mindfulness. They need to engage students in practices by modeling their own deep engagement. As preparation, you will learn how to develop your own mindfulness practice which you will continue throughout the duration of the course. Reviewing the latest research, you will learn effective strategies for teaching mindful awareness practices to children and teens. You will learn how these practices can support social and emotional learning and promote prosocial behavior, boosting your students’ ability to calm down and pay attention so they can focus on academic learning.

Drawing from developmental science, this course will examine how to determine what practices are developmentally and culturally appropriate for preK-12 students in public school settings. You will become familiar with a variety of practices and programs that have been used successfully in schools. Applying instructional design questions, you will design a series of lessons that are developmentally appropriate for your students. In this way, "Teaching Mindfulness in Schools" will prepare you to use the skills learned in this course to introduce mindful awareness practices to your students in a way that is developmentally and culturally appropriate and enhances student learning.

Instructors: Patricia Jennings and Polina Mischenko

Enrollment Requirement: Students in the Graduate Education Program or the Non-Graduate Education Program

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