Contemplative Network


Contemplative Network

CSC is committed to forming a variety of affiliations and partnerships with other institutions around the world, in order to foster alliances devoted to exploring, understanding, and engaging the transformative power of contemplation in today’s world.

Locally, we are exploring new models of University-community relationships in our home city of Charlottesville, VA. This involves partnerships with such initiatives as Common Ground organization, which offers innovative services of well-being, including yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and massage - all on a sliding scale basis in order to make them accessible to a greater diversity of participants in the local community. We are also networking with local school systems and mind-body centers in order to establish new forms of partnerships with the University.

Regionally, we are colleagues at colleges and universities across the commonwealth of Virginia to fashion a state-wide alliance involving events, research, collaborative learning, and exchange. Partners include George Mason University’s Center for Consciousness and Transformation; Virginia Tech’s engineering-led initiative on contemplation in a technological society; Virginia Commonwealth University’s mindfulness research led by Kirk Brown; and Washington and Lee University’s contemplative studies initiative led by Eduardo Velasquez.

Nationally, we have hosted four visits of leadership teams from key institutions in the US involved in contemplation and knowledge: Emory University, Naropa University, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Brown University, and the Sonima Foundation. Our goal is to go beyond individual collaborations across institutional boundaries to build an environment in which these communities have a deep sense of partnership, sharing, and communication. We begin with specific institutions, but will gradually build toward a national alliance of colleges and universities.

Internationally, we are developing strategic partnerships with specific global regions with central foci on contemplation and communal well-being. We are currently working on developing relationships with Bhutan, a nation with a unique heritage and modern focus on well-being. We also have strong relationships with Tibetan communities, with three offices in Lhasa, Xining, and Chengdu.