Youth as Assets Town Hall



Youth as Assets Town Hall


Tue., Mar 1 2016 - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Newcomb Hall Board/Conference Room 481

The University of Virginia was founded on a vision of an educated and engaged citizenry as the bedrock of our democracy. #BlackLivesMatter, the Arab Spring, the Dreamers Act, and student activism around campus sexual assault all illustrate the powerful role youth, from late childhood through early adulthood, play as active and engaged agents of change in contemporary democracy. And recent developmental and neuroscience research provides empirical evidence about youth’s potential, as do studies of youth agency, social relationships, development of political interest, and the roles of legal, demographic, economic, and cultural dynamics. Yet, the capability to be harnessed by connecting these diverse areas of study needs to be better connected and coordinated.
UVA is in a unique position to become a global leader in scholarship, education, service, and innovation aimed at supporting youth in becoming engaged citizens. Come help us form a vision for how the University can garner and expand its resources to create a pan-university focus on the science, policy, and practice of youth as assets. In doing so, we can significantly impact multiple fields and directly enrich the student experience at UVa. 
At the town hall we will focus on scholarship from a variety of disciplines related to youth as assets, generate ideas for how a pan-university initiative could contribute to and expand on current work, envision what such an effort should look like, and define concrete next steps in the process of helping make UVA a global center for fundamental, translational, and utilizable, interdisciplinary research on youth development.
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Nancy Deutsch, Associate Professor of Education
Patricia Lampkin, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer
5-Minute Lightning Talks
Joanna Lee Williams, Associate Professor of Education
Noelle Hurd, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Linda Bullock, Professor of Nursing, Associate Dean of Research
David Germano, Professor of Religious Studies, Director Contemplative Sciences Center
YOUTH & THEIR ENVIRONMENTS (virtual and real)
Andrea Press, Professor of Sociology and Media Studies
Barbara Brown Wilson, Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning
Sophie Trawalter, Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Psychology
Open Discussion of Ideas
Next Steps