Contemplative Commons Student Advisors

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Contemplative Commons Student Advisors

The 2023-2024 application is now closed.
The Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) needs your help to bring the Contemplative Commons to life and fill it with the vibrancy only students can create! The CSC is hiring 12 students to form the inaugural Contemplative Commons Student Advisory (CCSA).

The Contemplative Commons is scheduled to open in Fall 2024. This innovative and adaptable space has unlimited potential for student engagement. The 55,000+ square foot building has the largest flat floor surface on Grounds, access to the Dell Pond, hardwood floors for dancing and movement, a commercial kitchen, outstanding technology, immersive art, and so much more. 

Student Advisors will be the initial hosts of the Contemplative Commons, welcoming students into the space for the first time.

Contemplative Commons Student Advisors make a year-long commitment (present – May 19, 2024) to develop and pilot programs in the Contemplative Commons that expand beyond well-known contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation. To achieve this, advisors will work collectively to identify the interests and well-being needs of UVA students and address them through relevant and creative programming in the new building. 



Application Details

Student Advisor Expectations & Commitments

Contemplative Commons Student Advisors can expect to

  • Establish an understanding of the Contemplative Sciences Center, the Contemplative Commons, and their potential to promote flourishing at UVA and beyond;
  • Foster meaningful relationships among students, faculty, staff, families, alumni, and friends of the CSC and the University; and
  • Enhance skills in program planning, implementation, and assessment.

Student Advisors are expected to

  • Work an average of 4 hours per week, with anticipated evening and weekend work; 
  • Attend weekly working meetings on Zoom and, occasionally, in person gatherings; 
  • Produce quality work independently and in groups; 
  • Commit to hosting 1 pilot program in the Spring semester and attending 1 pilot program; 
  • Contribute content on social media throughout each semester, as requested; and 
  • Engage in regular communication with CCSA peers and leadership.

This breaks down to the following:

Fall Semester

  • approximately 4 hours of work, independent and in groups
  • weekly CCSA meetings

Spring Semester

  • approximately 4 hours of work, independent and in groups
  • weekly CCSA meeting
  • host 1 pilot program
  • attend 1 other pilot programin-person retreat (one weekend day)



  • Current UVA student – undergraduate or graduate – with intention to be enrolled in the Spring 2024 semester 
  • Eligible to work in the United States (visa status) 



  • Undergraduates: $15/hour
  • Graduates: $20/hour
  • Work Study students encouraged to apply!


Summer Break Internship Opportunities

There will be 2 in-person paid internships (part- or full-time) in the summer of 2024 to assist with

  • New Student Orientation,
  • preparation of fall programming, and
  • planning the building's grand opening.


Questions? Please contact Ellen Graves (