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Resources for Well-Being

We find ourselves in an unprecedented time in human history facing a new reality of social distancing, fear and anxiety over a highly uncertain future, and concern for the health and well-being of ourselves, loved ones, and society. The situation is rapidly changing and evolving globally in front of our eyes as we watch the news and respond to pings from our phones throughout the day. As individuals and as a society, now more than ever, we must draw upon our innate capacity for resilience and cultivate an ability to be deeply present, calm, and grounded when faced with the challenges this pandemic presents daily. We must bring forth the best qualities of our human nature: our kindness, care, and compassion towards ourselves and our loved ones, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow global citizens.

Insight Timer
UVA students, faculty, and staff have free access to the premium (paid) Member Plus content on this award-winning smartphone app and web portal featuring a meditation timer and the world’s largest free repository of guided meditations and related tools. CSC has curated playlists including one for coping with COVIDLearn more

Meditation Resource Page
CSC has compiled a list of resources and opportunities related to meditation from Tips for Beginner Meditators to events being offered, such as the Virtual Meditation on the Lawn Series. Learn more.

Virtual Classes
We offer a variety of synchronous online contemplative and Ashtanga yoga classes here. You can also find videos of some of the classes here.

Resources for UVA Parents
CSC and other organizations and departments across the University of Virginia are dedicated to helping students flourish and cultivate well-being during their time on UVA Grounds and beyond. There are many opportunities and resources available to you and your students. You may view them here.

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SAMPLING OF UVA Academic Classes with Related Content
The Art and Science of Human Flourishing (RELG 1400), Instructors: David Germano, Leslie Hubbard
• Foundations of Mindfulness Practice (NUIP 2210), Instructor: Sam Green
Mindfulness in Health and Human Development (EDIS 3012), Instructor: Tish Jennings
• Social and Emotional Learning, 
Instructor: (EDIS 5015), Instructor: Tish Jennings

Upcoming Events
 Ongoing contemplative classes: Free contemplative classes including T'ai Chi, Yin Yoga, mindfullness, and more
• Ongoing Ashtanga yoga classes 
• Meditation on the Lawn Series (Monday mornings)
 Special meditations: Sharon Salzberg, George Mumford
Faculty resources and programming
SoundCloud: Interviews and meditations for contemplation such as Breathwork for Social Change, Springing into Joy Meditaiton, and much more.


Ashtanga Yoga Videos and Q&A Series
Practice and Process: Conversations With Esteemed Yoga Teachers - Q&A
10- & 30-minute Ashtanga practice videos

Hour-long Virtual Meditation Video (May 3, 2020)
Learn more here

Meditation Audio
Practice of Kindness & Care

Research shows that meditations focused on cultivating kindness, goodwill, and warmth toward oneself and others can increase one’s sense of  well-being, and  social connection. Practices like this one are particularly helpful when faced with the challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic presents daily. 

This Practice of Kindness and Care utilizes breathing techniques, visualization, and repeated phrases to keep your mind focused on heartfelt wishes of kindness and well-being towards oneself and others. 

CSC's Article published in UVA Today.
Maintaining a Sense of Social Connection and a Time of Social Distancing 
Tools, research, and best practices for staying connected.

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