Spring 2021 Academic Courses!

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Spring 2021 Academic Courses!

The Contemplative Sciences Center is excited to announce three new courses we're offering to UVA students this spring:

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Journeys Toward Purpose and Belonging — RELG 2559-002



CSC is offering this new 3-credit course for exploring topics of purpose, belonging, and resilience in relationship to well-being. This course will help you navigate your journey toward a life that is meaningful and makes a positive impact on the world, while bringing to light dominant cultural forces that shape the way you engage with life choices and relationships. It will also challenge you to critically examine such narratives while envisioning alternatives for the future. This class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM ET online (synchronous). 

This course fulfills UVA's Artistic, Interpretive, & Philosophical Inquiry requirement.

Instructor: Anthony DeMauro

For more information contact:

Racialized Trauma and Body-Based Justice — LPPP 2559

The Contemplative Sciences Center and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy are pleased to jointly offer this new Spring 2021 course open to all undergraduates.
In this Leadership and Public Policy course you’ll investigate the logic of systemic inequality based on social identities, such as race, class and gender, and consider how these inequalities are embodied and contribute to lasting physical harm including racialized trauma. You’ll  reflect on your own lived experience and how it affects your personal worldview, health, and well-being, and you’ll explore contemplative and somatic tools that support healing. Instructors for the course are Brooke Lavelle and Ed Porter of the Courage of Care Coalition, a nonprofit organization focused on building a more loving and liberated world. 

Instructors: Brooke Lavelle and Ed Porter from the Courage of Care Coalition.

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Contemplative Labs with English, Dance & Music — RELG 1559 [+ course]

Explore the connections between contemplation and the creative process with this new, 1-credit Contemplative Lab offered by CSC's Karolyn Kinane as a co-requisite to the following 3-credit courses:

  • 12821 ENWR 2800 - 003 Public Speaking with Devin Donovan
    TuTh 2:00pm–3:15pm. This course fulfills the Second Writing Requirement (SWR).


  • 10782 DANC 3300 - 001 Dance Composition with Kim Mata Brooks
    TuTh 2:00pm–3:15pm 


  • 13574 MUSI 2090 - 100 Sound Studies: Anthropology and the Art of Sound Experience with Noel Lobley
    MW 11:00am–11:50am

Register for one of these classes along with the Contemplative Lab, which is held 4:00pm to 4:50pm ET online (synchronous).

For more information contact Karolyn Kinane: 

CSC instructors are also teaching the following 1-credit courses in yoga and mindfulness

  • Well-Being through Mindfulness — KINE 1000-02. Robin Albertson-Wren.
    Tu 6:30–9pm

  • Well-Being through Mindfulness — KINE 1000-03. Elyse Cooner. We. 6:30–9pm. 

  • Mindful Facilitation and Leadership — KINE 1060. Geoff Cox. Mo. 4–6:30pm.

  • Mindfulness and Nature  — KINE1055. Jayme Siet. We. 2–4:30pm.

  • Foundations of Mindfulness — NUIP2210 with Sam Green. Th. 2-4pm.  

  • Yoga — KINE 1410-03 with John Bultman. MoWe. 3:45–5pm.

  • Yoga — KINE 1410-06 with John Bultman. TuTh. 12:30–1:45pm. 

  • Yoga — KINE 1410 with Robin Lilly. MoWeFr. 8–8:50am.

Other UVA Courses Recommended by CSC

Each semester, CSC curates a list of other academic classes offered by schools and departments across Grounds that have course content significantly focused on subjects of
well-being and flourishing. 

You may view the list here.

If you have suggestions for additional classes, please email us at