Fall 2015: The Neuroscience of Learning & Change - NCPH 110



Fall 2015: The Neuroscience of Learning & Change - NCPH 110


Mon., Sep 14 2015 - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Zehmer Hall, Room B

Our brains hold the capacity to learn far more than we can imagine. However, to fully understand human behavior and the process for change, one must first understand the underlying physical nature of the brain. In this course students investigate the structure and function of the brain and the physiology of learning and development. A review of the research on behavior and change will include specific examples related to addictions, learned behaviors, and innate reactions. Through examination of their own lives, students will be able to identify practices that help promote lifelong positive mental/physical development. Discussions include the importance of life-long learning on the processes of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, as well as the interconnectedness of physical health and brain function including exercise, sleep, nutrition, and aging.
Instructor: Carrie Pledger holds a master’s degree in biology with a focus on neurobiology and behavior from U.Va. and a master’s degree in teaching with an emphasis on neuroscience from American University. She has worked in research for the National Institutes of Mental Health and for U.V.a Neurosurgery, in addition to teaching on the secondary and college level.
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