Fall 2018: Practicing Wisdom and Resilience — NUIP 3004



Fall 2018: Practicing Wisdom and Resilience — NUIP 3004


Tue. Aug 28, 2018 - Fri. Dec 7, 2018 (15 weeks)
Every Monday from 4:20 PM to 5:30 PM


McLeod 2010

This course explores the science of the brain/body connection offering experiential opportunities through direct meditative practices. Class time includes didactic learning, interactive dialogue, and engagement in mindfulness practices. We will develop self-assessment, self-care strategies and resilience practices, within the larger context of wisdom.
1. Discuss critical information regarding compassion and burn-out.
2. Describe methods to identify stressors and develop strategies to alleviate them.
3. Identify measures to ensure that balance, perspective and growth are fostered in one’s personal, spiritual, and professional life.
4. Describe how students can formulate a personally designed self-care protocol.
5. Apply reflective practice techniques to enhance personal resilience and cultivate wisdom.
6. Identify, explore, and experience a range of approaches that support the development of attention, self-regulation, compassion, and action.
This course includes lectures, experientials, and online classes.

* 2 Credits

Instructors: Susanna WilliamsEdie Barbero ( and Gina DeGennaro (