Fall 2019: The Trauma Sensitive Classroom — EDIS 5014



Fall 2019: The Trauma Sensitive Classroom — EDIS 5014


August 27, 2019 to December 6, 2019


Online Course

Growing numbers of schools are faced with the task of supporting students who are living in adverse conditions and may be exposed to trauma. The terms trauma, adversity, toxic stress, chronic stress refer to exposure to ongoing, overwhelming stressors that erode our health and well-being. The term “trauma” is typically associated with a specific event that is so overwhelming that it taxes the individual’s ability to cope. Adversity, toxic stress, chronic stress refer to traumatic conditions that occur over time. These conditions impact students’ cognitive abilities and behavior in ways that can pose challenges to teachers. Furthermore, we now know that the support of a caring teacher and school environment can help students recover and flourish. 

The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom provides the knowledge and skills educators need to provide such support. The first part of the course covers what we know about how trauma and adversity affect brain development, learning and behavior and how this plays out in the classroom environment. During the second part you will learn evidence-based practices that are currently used in schools to support students exhibiting symptoms of trauma exposure. Throughout the course you will learn mindful awareness and compassion practices to promote your own well-being and resilience, so you can manage your own stress and provide the support your students need. These practices are crucial for reflecting on your emotional reactivity in response to student behavior and for maintaining a compassionate approach to teaching.

* 3 Credits 

Instructors: Patricia (Tish) Jennings (

Enrollment Requirements: Students in the Graduate Education Program or the Non-Graduate Education Program.