Holding Space: Yoga and Meditation for All Bodies



Holding Space: Yoga and Meditation for All Bodies


Mon. Sep 13, 2021 - Mon. Dec 6, 2021 (12 classes over 13 weeks)
Every Monday from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Except for Oct 11


Online Course

Explore a mix of gentle and yin yoga designed for all bodies. Make a fresh start with a smart combination of movement and mindfulness in a safe class offering light strengthening, stretching, breathing, and balance. This non-flow class is open to all shapes, sizes, abilities and gender including beginners coming to yoga for the first time. Benita interweaves mindfulness meditation into her classes to help center you within your practice.

This class is free and open to the public. It is open to all levels.  
Instructor: Benita Mayo
If you have an injury or areas that need a little extra TLC, please unmute yourself and let Benita know or type it privately in the chat box.

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Helpful Props (not mandatory)
Yoga Mat
Two Blankets / Towels
Bolster / Large Bed Pillow or Two Couch Cushions
Two Blocks, Two Textbooks / Books (1.5" high or taller)
One Strap / Towel / Belt