Leading Mindfully



Leading Mindfully

MAY 1 - MAY 4, Time TBD

This program is offered by Darden Executive Education.
Instructor: Lili Powell, Jeremy Hunter
Strong professional relationships are the basis for sustained success. After all, leaders can only create valuable organizational results through the help of other people. But as a leader, how do you connect with and influence others when you feel as ungrounded by rapid change as everyone else? In this stimulating experiential program, participants learn self-development and deep-listening skills for leading, interacting, and communicating more mindfully.
In spite of a hurried, 24-7, technologized, global and competitive environment, "You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first," according to Peter Drucker. Leading Mindfully enables you to grow your capacity for centered leadership that leads to more effective personal and organizational results. You will develop personal and social skills necessary to interact more mindfully and lead improved organizational results. You will leave each program with practical tools you can apply immediately to your work and life.  
Grounded in academic research in neuroscience, psychology, rhetoric, and performance, this course will help you identify and transform personal triggers and habits of attention that influence your ability to take action. Research shows that more mindful leaders enjoy higher quality of life, have teams that perform better, and sustain themselves over the long run. You will develop new attention and social interaction skills that improve your ability to learn and innovate, take personal action, engage in crucial conversations, give important presentations, and lead team meetings. With consistent practice, leaders can connect within themselves, with others, and with their organizations and stakeholders with a greater sense of clarity, flow, and effectiveness.
The program features a signature exercise that is designed for observing your own leadership in action. Additional exercises inspired by meditation, yoga, improv and acting are woven throughout the programs. In fact, the majority of the program will be conducted in an auditorium to underscore the reality that when you are a leader, you are always "on stage." 
Serving as your own case study in Leading Mindfully, you are the lead character in your own leadership story. Participants will be asked to bring their own leadership challenges to work on during the program. Participants will leave with a leading mindfully action plan and immediately applicable learning. 
To help sustain your learning and behavior change, after the program we will follow-up in a few weeks with an online group meeting. You will also be invited to join a closed LinkedIn group only for past participants of Leading Mindfully programs.
The Leading Mindfully program is for high-potential and experienced senior managers and leaders. The program is especially well-suited for those who need to not only reduce stress, increase resilience and better manage themselves, but for those who also want to improve their performance by becoming more self-aware, engaged and effective. Participants should be capable of participating in gentle restorative yoga practice; no prior experience is necessary.
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