Night Owl Yoga Series



Night Owl Yoga Series

Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday 8:00pm-9:00pm (ET)

Aquatic Fitness Center (AFC 4)

Night Owl yoga classes are offered weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. All Night Owl Yoga classes are free for students and open to everyone with an IM-REC Sports gym membership: All UVA students, faculty, staff, and community members. Each class explores a slightly different style of yoga practice. Participants of all levels and experiences are welcome, including those who have no prior yoga experience.
Night Owl Flow
This class is held on Tues-Thurs and combine elements from Hatha and Flow yoga styles. This class will begin and end with a short meditation and breathing exercises and flow from active standing poses to restorative and relaxing postures.
Night Owl Stretch and Unwind
This class is on Sunday and works on the mind, body, and breathing as well as flexibility and mobilization of your joints. Through a series of gentle stretching we will concentrate on deep breathing to calm the mind and relax tension in the body. You will leave this class feeling refreshed and relaxed. With consistent practice this class will also help you improve sleep patterns and have a positive impact on your overall well-being.
Wednesdays: Gibson Hylton
Thursdays: Joyce Acros
Sundays: Annamaria Constanza 

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