Athreya Tata



Athreya Tata
Athreya is a student of the School of Medicine at the Univeristy of Virginia. He began his journey into the introspective practices in the Spring of 2010 and found much to his delight that the experience has continued to accelerate since then. A culminating moment in his life was a two week stay at a spiritual ashram in Chennai, India, which consisted of many hours of meditation and reading of spiritual literature as well as volunteering with children at a local school built and maintained by the ashram. 
Athreya is currently the Co-President of Compassionate Awareness and Living Mindfully (CALM), a recently-formed organization within the Nursing and Medical Schools that aims to provide awareness and opportunities of the introspective practices to those who seek it while promoting interprofessional relationships in the healthcare community that are centered around compassionate awareness.
Athreya is also the Regional Focal Point (RFP) of North America for a growing Global Network that aims to encourage spiritual dialogue and connectivity. The Global Network is a small project within the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM), an international organization that offers the Natural Path meditation technique, derived from Raja Yoga, to any and all free of charge. In November 2013, he hosted and helped organize a Worldwide Webinar through the Global Network, which was attended by at least one-thousand meditation practicants around the world. 
As part of his role as the RFP of North America, he also travels to Natural Path meditation centers around the country at regular opportunities. In addition to his meditative pursuit, he also heartedly enjoys weekly sessions at Hot Yoga Charlottesville.