Fall 2017 : Strategic Intuition and Eastern Philosophy - GBUS 8016 - 001, 002



Fall 2017 : Strategic Intuition and Eastern Philosophy - GBUS 8016 - 001, 002

Strategies derive from creative intellectual insight.  Western analytics, such as Porter’s Five Forces, are guides, but one rarely analyses one’s way into a unique strategy. Austrian military strategist von Clausewicz pointed out how “presence of mind” was necessary for a strategist to experience the “aha” of strategic intuition. Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism focus on how to clear one’s mind. This course will explore how military, political and religious philosophies from India, Japan, and China inform western strategic thinking.  Our goal is to prepare our minds for whole-brain-and-heart strategy making.

The course follows from, but is not dependent on, Bourgeois’ Strategy Seminar (GBUS 8870), which starts with rational-linear western economics and analytics and ends with the role of intuition and insight in the creation and development of strategy. In this course, we will read literature and translations of source materials on several significant eastern philosophies and religions. We will also study such Asian military books as The Art of War (Sun Tsu) and the Book of Five Rings (Samurai method and philosophy), and learn the game of GO (eastern counterpart to chess), to further inform us about alternative ways of framing strategy.  We will end with von Ghyczy’s Clausewicz on Strategy and the Dao Te Ching to bring the two philosophies together for today’s modern business strategist.

The course is offering 2 sections (From Oct.18  to Dec. 12, no class on Oct 25 and Nov. 22) :

GBUS 8016-001 (1.5 credit): Mondays and Tuesdays 4:30 - 5:55 PM (Location TBD)
GBUS 8016-002 (1.5 credit): Mondays and Tuesdays 2:45 - 4:10 PM (Location TBD)


Jay Bourgeois (ljb8f@Virginia.EDU)