Fall Course: Mindfulness and the Brain



Fall Course: Mindfulness and the Brain


Thu. Oct 9, 2014 - Thu. Nov 6, 2014 (5 weeks)
Every Thursday from 1:24 PM to 1:24 PM



Oct 9 - Nov 6
Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00pm
Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center, 3rd Floor, Room 3303
Please note: No class on 10/30
With the advent of technology that allows us to peer into the workings of the human brain, we now know that the brain is able to grow and change all through adulthood right up until we die. Meditation has the power to structurally alter the brain in significant positive ways. Just as we train our bodies through physical exercise, we now know that it is possible to change the brain through training as well.
Regular meditation practice has been shown to increase a sense of calmness, improve concentration, improve learning and memory, and strengthen our connection to others. There are other benefits as well. Some of the latest research findings indicate that compassion is a learned skill that can be measured and cultivated. This skill is, in fact, now being incorporated into UVA’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Healthcare Providers – a course designed to decrease stress and burnout, increase work-related satisfaction, and improve care for patients.
The class is open to the public. Class time will be split between learning about the mechanisms within the brain that are impacted by meditation, and actually practicing meditation and mindfulness in order to experience them.
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