Georgianna Reid



Georgianna Reid

HI! Georgianna here.  I’m a 4th year student studying english and sustainability.  I’ve been practicing meditation since my 1st year and it’s changed my life! It’s ironic though because it almost didn’t happen.  When choosing to take a mindfulness course, I was afraid it would take up too much time and didn’t fit the stereotypical UVA mold.  But, my amazing hall mates and RA saw how depressed and struggling with grief I was, that they encouraged me to sign up for mindfulness.  Over time, these practices helped me become more engaged with all aspects of my life (the good and bad), more honest and connected with friends, and more grounded to pursue activism and environmental protection.

I serve as the President of Contemplation@UVA, teach mindfulness, and am always happy to meet with anyone in the community who’s curious about meditation/contemplation.  This may be an “individual” practice, but in no way does that mean you have to be alone!  It takes a community!!  We hope to hear from you!