Harriett Jameson



Harriett Jameson

Masters Candidate, Landscape Architecture 2014

Harriett is a 2014 candidate for a dual Masters in Landscape Architecture and Urban and Environmental Planning from U.Va. Prior to her graduate studies, she was an ’07 CLAS grad with a dual major in English and Studio Art and worked as an education coordinator at the U.S. Green Building Council, in Washington, DC.

During a studio focusing on the Charlottesville Farmers Market, Harriett became interested in the utilization of designed public space to foster social equity and public health. This led to Landscapes of Longevity, a research project started in April of 2013, with colleague Asa Eslocker.

Harriett’s design and research interests include understanding how place works synthetically to foster well-being and incorporating holistic ideas of health—including spiritual, mental, and non-Western concepts—into design and planning. Her current MLA thesis is using the Landscapes of Longevity research to cultivate design strategies for public places that can support healthy aging. She is also a researcher for the Biophilic Cities Project.

Harriett enjoys gardening, Ashtanga yoga, cooking, and drawing. She lives in Charlottesville with her dog, Ginny.