Intramural-Recreational Sports



Intramural-Recreational Sports

The Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports is an essential component to the overall mission for the University of Virginia. The primary emphasis is to support the total development and well-being of members of the University community and to provide appropriate educational, intramural, recreational, and social programs. As such, Intramural-Recreational Sports services the University community with a wide range of quality opportunities which foster personal, educational, ethical, and physical development. This central purpose is served by activities designed: -to be responsive in serving a diversity of needs among the entire University community;

  • to offer an atmosphere conducive to fellowship and meaningful interactions among students, faculty, and staff in this unique area of educational and physical activity;
  • to provide the highest quality programs, facilities, equipment, and personnel to maximize the effect and safety of the recreational experience; and to aid in the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff;
  • to offer programs and services which encourage morally and ethically responsible behavior, sportsmanship and cooperation at all times;
  • to educate participants in the worthy use of leisure time through development of lifetime sports skills and self awareness in a recreational context;
  • to offer meaningful opportunities for personal development and the acquisition of leadership, management, and technical skills;
  • to provide innovative leadership in the promotion of the wellness concept; and
  • to cooperate with, share expertise with, and provide leadership in public service for the local community, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation