J-Term 2017: Ecological & Contemplative Landscapes - EVSC/RELG 3559



J-Term 2017: Ecological & Contemplative Landscapes - EVSC/RELG 3559


Mon., Jan 2 2017 - 9:25 AM to Sun., Jan 15 2017 - 9:25 AM

January Term: Ecological & Contemplative Landscapes (EVSC 3559, RELG 3559)

In January 2017, the College of Arts and Sciences and Contemplative Sciences Center at UVA will partner with Kohala Institute in Hawai'i to offer an opportunity to study a unique environment and culture from two very different disciplinary perspectives - Environmental Sciences and Religious Studies - with a strong emphasis on highly experiential education and self-understanding.

The Ecological & Contemplative Landscapes course, which will be offered at UVA in Hawai'i as a two week J-Term course, is an immersive educational program designed and taught by Manuel Lerdau from Environmental Sciences, David Germano from Religious Studies and Leslie Hubbard from CSC. 

This course integrates unique and highly experiential blends of learning activities integrating environmental science, religious studies, and contemplative sciences. It is based at Kohala Institute on the Big Island in Hawai’i, a remarkable property proceeding from the ocean to mountains, which constitutes a traditional Hawai’i land unit on environment, economic, social and political grounds - an ahupua’a.  The class brings together classical scientific approaches to human/land/sea relations, and integrates these approaches into traditional humanistic perspectives on humans, their cultures, religion, and environments.  The class blends historical, philosophical, and natural science views of the world and explores this blending in the context of traditional and modern Hawai’ian culture and environment.  The class will also explore cognitive, affective, and somatic contemplative practices of self understanding and development, and integrate these into the broader themes of the profound interdependence of culture and environment.

See here for more information and here for registration. 

Download PDF Poster: UVA J-Term in Hawai'i

Assignments & Grading

25% Participation: showing up for all events, doing readings in advance, participating fully verbally and in other ways.

25% Daily Reflective Journal:  Daily observations and reflections of nature, people, and self, with prompts delivered each day in conjunction with how the programs unfolds in real time. These templates will be written online so that instructors can review on a daily basis.  The mornings will be focused on natural history observations during early morning, while the evenings will be focused on personal reflections.

25% Practical Project: this project will involve a practical activity, whether service learning with short reflection focused on ecological work (clearing away invasive species, fish farm work, etc.), interviews, creating a contemplative product, and so forth

25% Final Synthesis:  This final creative essay blends together observations from the journal with reflections on texts. The format of the essay will be open to experimentation.