Jason Pickard



Jason Pickard

The more access we have to our wholeness, the more fulfilled and successful we become on all levels.

— Jason Pickard

Jason Pickard graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in 2002. From there he began his professional career as a weather derivatives trader at XL Weather & Energy. In 2004, he moved on to serve as VP of Trading at Constellation Energy for two years while maintaining his focus on weather derivatives.

In 2006, Pickard fulfilled his boyhood ambition by becoming a billion-dollar portfolio manager and partner of hedge fund legend, Paul Tudor Jones at Tudor Investment. By the age of 27, he was recognized as one of the top 30 traders under 30 years old.

Then, a severe health crisis compelled Pickard to face the enormous disparity between the wealth he had acquired and the state of his health, which had deteriorated through his single-minded focus on trading. In order to come into balance, he devoted himself to an in-depth exploration of an array of Eastern, Western, and Indigenous world views, life ways, health practices, and spirituality.       

By applying the same level of dedication to these studies as he had invested as a portfolio manager on Wall St., Pickard has become a teacher of the ancient, cross-cultural wisdom traditions he learned from his many master teachers. In 2019, he retired from Tudor Investment to become a Life Process Coach for executive clients and their organizations.

By incorporating the best of the modern and ancient world, Pickard assists his clients to liberate themselves from conventional constraints in order to access and actualize the full spectrum of their multi-faceted human potential.

Using what he learned in business as well as in his work with his many teachers of self-mastery, Jason helps his clients recognize what is stopping them from becoming fully optimized. “What would you say and do if you could do and say anything?,” he asks them. With such prompts, the hunt begins by stepping into the unknown together so the client may discover and actualize their truest self.

Through their work with Jason, clients go beyond their edges to become ‘the less known but more deeply recognized self.’ Sometimes the clues to the deeper self arise subtly as little disturbances, body signals or symptoms—something calling from the Beyond. Jason helps his clients recognize these signs, unpack their meaning, and navigate the psyche over their edges and into greater levels of self-awareness and authenticity.

Jason lives in upstate New York with his beloved wife and three children.

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