Jenny Roe



Jenny Roe
Jenny Roe is the Mary Irene DeShong Professor of Design and Health and the Director of the Center of Design and Health in the School of Architecture, University of Virginia (UVa).  She is an Environmental Psychologist exploring the relationship between people and place, with particular expertise in restorative environments and mental wellbeing. 
She joined UVa in Fall 2015 from the U.K. where she was a Research Leader in Human Wellbeing and Behavior Change for the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), University of York, where she worked alongside environmental scientists and health professionals to explore how best to build sustainable, resilient and healthy cities.   Now, as Director of the Center for Design and Health, her mission is to build research showing how design of the built environment can maximize human health, quality of life and wellbeing.  
Her research has pioneered methods for quantifying the health benefits of good neighborhood design, using physiological indicators such as cortisol – the stress hormone – and mobile Electroencephalography (EEG) to explore emotional activity on the move in cities, a form of ‘neuro-urbanism’.   Much of her research explores environmental inequities – and the relationships with health disparities - in economically disadvantaged communities, including racial/ethnic minorities, children and teenagers, the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions including those with severe mental health problems. 
Prior to her current career in academia, she was Principal Landscape Architect in a multi-disciplinary architectural practice in London called Sprunt that specializes in social housing, educational and healthcare design.  
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