Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas



Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas is the Research Director for Undergraduate Initiatives for the Contemplative Sciences Center. In collaboration with faculty and staff associated with the CSC, she assesses the effectiveness of mindfulness and contemplative activities in facilitating positive undergraduate outcomes, such as reduced stress and anxiety, increased resilience, and improved academic performance. She is also a Principal Investigator and UVA’s research lead for the Contemplative Universities Alliance Project.
Karen is an Associate Professor in the Curry School of Education. She is also the Research Director for the Crafting Success for Underrepresented Scientists and Engineers Project. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Center for the Study of Higher & Postsecondary Education. Her M.S.Ed. is in Higher Education Administration, and her B.A. in Asian and International Studies, both from Northwestern University. Karen’s research focus is on the impact of college on undergraduates, particularly high-impact practices such as living-learning communities.