Leslie Hubbard



Leslie Hubbard
Leslie Hubbard is the Program Director for Student Engagement and Contemplative Instruction for CSC. Her primary focus in this role is to design, manage, co-lead, and lead various co-curricular and academic programs that include workshops, retreats, trainings, and weekly programs for students, faculty, and staff. In her role, Leslie also works with UVA's College of Arts and Sciences and professional schools to offer teaching support to faculty and students such as with syllabus redesign and conceptualizing and implementing contemplative pedagogy and experiential learning activities.
Leslie holds a MDiv. in East Asian Religions from Harvard Divinity School and a BA in Dance and Choreography from Hogeschool voor Muziek en Dans in Rotterdam. Prior to joining the CSC team, Leslie worked at Harvard College, Harvard Business School, Boston College, MIT, and Massachusetts General Hospital designing and teaching a variety of customized contemplative programs including instructions in meditation, mindfulness, leadership, and yoga. Prior to her time at Harvard, Leslie lived and worked with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for eight years in his centers in France, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and New York. She is one of the founding members of Blue Cliff Monastery in upstate New York where she served as the Director of Programming for Thich Nhat Hanh’s international teaching tours and the Wake Up movement for young adults. companies in the US and abroad.