Life Maintenance for Health Sciences Students



Life Maintenance for Health Sciences Students


Tue., Jan 14 2014 - 3:15 AM to Tue., Apr 1 2014 - 4:15 AM

What is “Life Maintenance”

"Life Maintenance" is an introduction to mindfulness practice; a "course" with a beginning, middle and end, but without a course number, assigned learning objectives or even study outlines.  Each session will include guidance in one or more formal mindfulness practices - body scan, yoga, sitting meditation and walking meditation.  Informal practices and discussions will facilitate applying mindfulness in daily life, with particular emphasis on stress management and maintaining balance in your mind and in your life.  

When is it?

The class will meet every Tuesday, January 14th through April 1st, with a total of 10 classes and one extra day of practice (because the schools have different spring breaks).The sessions will be held in McLeod Hall 2015, a new space dedicated to meditative and yogic practices for students of the health sciences. This practice will be held in the evenings from 5:00 PM until 6:15 PM.

What does it require? 

   We are asking people with interest to provide the intention of attending all 10 sessions - but without a binding commitment.  Since each class will build on previous classes, it will be much more effective if you attend every week.

   As part of the practice, plan to spend 15 - 20 minutes outside of the 1.25 hr session every day doing formal practice.  Many students report that they soon get that time back in the rest of the day as they become more focused and use their study time more efficiently.

How many people will take part?

   McLeod 2015 can hold up to 32 students at one time. If there is interest from enough nursing and medical students combined, the roster will be split with 16 from each school.

Who is guiding the practice?

   Practice sessions will be led by Dr. Sam Green. Dr. Green has extensive experience practicing meditation and mindfulness, and in teaching such skills to students with all ranges of self-awareness practice.

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