Marga Odahowski



Marga Odahowski

For over 25 years, Marga Odahowski has taught and demonstrated the principles of healthy and energized living. Integrating mind-body research, contemplative practices with practical tools, she has created academic courses, programs and coaching skills that inspire and transform lives. Her unique blend of knowledge and experience along with her dynamic skills in facilitation help people leverage their capabilities to shift their perspective and act effectively to create sustainable change.

She is skilled at the integration and facilitation of information from various fields to support leadership, creativity and everyday ease in living. She began her career in the counseling profession, evolving into teaching, consulting, and executive development. In addition to teaching and coaching individuals and executives, she has designed and facilitated numerous programs and workshops for organizations.

Marga holds a Master in Counseling Education from the University of Wisconsin where she specialized in health psychology. She is on the faculty of the University of Virginia where she is the Director of Studies for the International Residential College and teaches on the topics of mindfulness and positive psychology as they related to sustainable and healthy living and leadership development. She lectures and leads training programs nationally and internationally on the growing application of mindfulness in society. She is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, Mindfulness in Education Network, Association for the Contemplative Mind in Society and the International Coaching Federation

In addition, to her Mindful Leadership course for the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce and First Year Seminar courses on Mindfulness and Social Change, Marga introduced and has taught a Mindfulness Executive program for the Darden School of Business MBA for Executive program since 2005. She is a consultant with the Walker Family Foundation, Kuttner-Kluge Foundation, and the Hawn Foundation supporting the development of educational programs based in mindfulness.

Growing up in Chicago and spending summers in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin she has a love of locally grown food from the farm, swimming in lakes and creating works of art. Sounds like summer camp all over again, Marga’s philosophy is to create a culture of nourishment for her students, clients and readers of her blog and book. Her book, The Way of the Hammock-Designing Calm for a Busy Life, that will be released in June 2014 by Hay House Publications

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