Mindfulness Monday with Leslie Hubbard (Feb. 8, 2016)



Mindfulness Monday with Leslie Hubbard (Feb. 8, 2016)

Leslie Hubbard received a MDiv degree from Harvard in East Asian Religions with a particular focus on modern and secular applications of Zen Buddhist contemplative and ethical practices in the West. She has designed and run contemplative programs for Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. In addition, she has worked for Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in his centers throughout the world. Leslie is a program director at the CSC and facilitates the Mindfulness Monday classes. For more information on Mindfulness Mondays click here.

Weekly Mindfulness Practice Tip 

Cultivating Joy in Daily Mindfulness Meditation Practice 

Find time in your daily life to take a moment to sit and reflect on the multitude of things in life that bring you joy. Many feelings in the body and mind that we consider “normal” or “neutral” can actually upon reflection be transformed to feelings of joy and gratitude such as your physical well-being, the presence of friends and family in your life, enjoying a meal, engaging in your favorite hobbies, resting in a comfortable bed at night, etc… This joy may also come about due to reflecting on the absence of things that cause discomfort and ill-being such as sickness, weakness or limitations in the body, absence of stress or the pressures associated with school or work, poor environmental conditions, etc…. Be creative with this meditation throughout the day as well and re-examine your every day experience with a sense of joy, wonder, and gratitude.

Scientific Benefits of Cultivating Joy in Meditation Practice: