The mission of the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) is combining contemplation, connection, and research to enhance flourishing. We pursue this mission through a variety of programs and initiatives in academic classrooms, residential life, research, scholarship, and social innovation.  
We think of flourishing as a process of realizing well-being by achieving deep states of health and actualization of potential in all aspects of life—physical, social, emotional, cognitive, academic, and professional.  To flourish also means actively contributing to the well-being and flourishing of other people, other communities, and the natural world and requires authentic connection and engagement with others within our community and beyond. 
Contemplation is a key facilitator of flourishing. We define contemplation as practices and orientations that transform and enhance persons, communities, and worlds; and or set conditions so those aspects emerge. These include sophisticated mind-body practices for well-being, insight, and compassion, as well as deeply reflective, immersive modes of learning. 
CSC undertakes and publishes research related to well-being and flourishing in K-12 and higher education including the Compassionate Schools Project and the  Journal of Contemplative Studies.