The mission of the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) is to advance the study and application of human flourishing at all levels of education—K-12, undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong. In particular we are focused on how educational institutions can better understand and facilitate the types of knowledge, mindsets, and practices that promote flourishing.

To flourish is to realize well-being by achieving deep states of health and actualization of potential in all aspects of life (physical, social, emotional, cognitive, academic, professional), as well as to actively contribute to the well-being and flourishing of other people, other communities, and the natural world.

Contemplation—the variety of experiential, integrated, and immersive forms of learning and resiliency that afford deep reflection, integration of the personal and the intellectual, transformative understanding, and the cultivation of skills applicable to all domains in one’s life—is critical to flourishing. 

Another critical pathway to the flourishing of students and others at the University and beyond is practical engagement at all social and institutional levels that is inclusive, equitable, and scale-appropriate.

We at CSC are pursuing our mission through a variety of programs and initiatives in academic classrooms, residential life, digital technologies, research, scholarship, application, and social innovation.