Mysore (Individually catered yoga classes)



Mysore (Individually catered yoga classes)


Mon. Aug 22, 2016 - Fri. Dec 16, 2016 (17 weeks)
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM


North Grounds Recreations Center, room MP3

@North Grounds Recreations Center, room MP3
Mysore is a style of teaching and practicing Ashtanga Yoga where individuals are taught in a group setting. Students work through fixed sequences of poses your own pace and level while relying on the teacher for instruction, guidance, inspiration, and physical adjustments. This is for all different levels of students, but especially for those of you who want to take up a regular yoga practice 3-6 days a week. Participants may arrive at any time during class hours. Check schedule details for best times for beginners to attend morning Mysore classes. Class Schedule.
Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional method of yoga with roots in Mysore, India. The system was introduced to the West by the 20th century yogi and scholar K. Pattabhi Jois, and passed down through his family and students, including CSC’s own team of instructors John Bultman (Authorized II), Zoe Ward (Authorized II), and Naomi Worth (Authorized I). 
As a contemplative practice, Ashtanga yoga promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health.  By coordinating the breath with movement and posture, the body and mind are systematically cleansed and strengthened, leading to increased flexibility, strength, balance, and mental well-being.  Click here to view a video of John practicing standing postures. 
Mysore is our most accessible class style, open to everyone and suitable for all body types and levels of experience. Mysore should be done as a regular practice (3-6x/week) allowing patterns in the body and mind to be worked with the help of a teacher and community. There you will receive one-on-one attention in a group setting, and learn a practice tailored to your body. 

To participate, purchase one of the following pass options:

1.)  Purchase a 30-Day Pass for $40 (access to Mysore Ashtanga Yoga classes only; no membership required!). Purchase by calling 434-924-3791 or visit the IM-Rec Sports Business Office.
2.)  Purchase a Group Exercise Pass (access to all Group Ex classes; available to students and IM-Rec Sports members only).
3.) Non-member/guest, who purchase a Guest Pass, may purchase single class passes for Mysore Ashtanga Yoga .

If you are unsure of where or how to begin, or have concerns, we encourage you to come meet our friendly teachers to have your questions answered in person, or you can email We welcome you to observe a class before you begin.

@North Grounds Recreations Center, room MP3

M-Th 6:30AM-9:30AM, Fri 6:30-7:30AM, Sun 10AM-12PM

*Conference* (Q&A regarding practice and philosophy) 12-1PM at Shark Mountain Coffee (ILab)