Quantifiable Constituents of Spiritual Growth


Susan Bauer-Wu, Professor, U.Va. School of Nursing, is a core investigator on this study supported by a Templeton Foundation grant, led by colleagues at the University of California Davis. This is a six-year follow-up assessment of an intensive three-month meditation retreat. Using phenomenological, psychological, cognitive, affective, neural, and biological measures, and innovative statistical and computational methods, this study will quantify multidimensional aspects of spiritual growth over time. This study will run from March, 2013 to February, 2016. A unique aim of this study, for which Bauer-Wu plays a key role, is evaluation of the impact of the contemplative training on people close to the participants; for example, do family and friends perceive the participants to be kinder, more compassionate, and socially engaged since the meditation training?



Quantifiable Constituents of Spiritual Growth