Spring 2018: Stress and Anxiety Management — EDHS 2250



Spring 2018: Stress and Anxiety Management — EDHS 2250


Wed. Jan 17, 2018 - Tue. May 1, 2018 (15 weeks)
Every Monday from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Dell 1 Rm 105

While the World Health Organization calls stress a global epidemic, in contemporary society has become so commonplace we do not think twice about it. Despite the fact that it can pervade our lives, many of us function as if it is unavoidable. But can stress have negative ramifications to our physical and psychological well-being? How do our bodies react to stress? What do we need to do to evaluate the stressors in our lives? What are some multifaceted, research-based ways to manage stress?
These questions will guide our journey together as we learn about stress and its impact, evaluate and examine our own stress responses and triggers, and commit to applying coping skills and relaxation techniques to manage stressors. We will build upon the research base and your personal experiences to work towards gaining a better understanding of this phenomenon and how to best manage its impact.
This course presents the major models of stress, examines psycho-social, intra-psychic, and environmental causes of stress and provides an overview of stress’s physiological and psychological impact. Building upon researched-based practice, students will experience and explore cognitive, behavioral, and physiological techniques and strategies in order to manage life’s stressors more effectively.
Through the use of course readings, large and small group discussions, multimedia resources, and experiential exercises, and lecture, we will work together to critically examine the effects of stress and practice tangible strategies and techniques to manage stress.
3 credits
Instructor: Blaire Cholewa (