Tamara Fischer-White



Tamara Fischer-White

Tamara Fischer-White brings three decades of experience in business development for both non-profit and for profit entities as well as experience in health care and complementary health-enhancing therapies. As a registered nurse, Reiki practitioner, and certified yoga instructor, Tamara’s focus is the investigation of complementary practices relevant to symptom self-management and the prevention of chronic disease. Combining her expertise in business, health care, and complementary therapies, Tamara is working to develop models of care that address many of the complex issues facing the Nation’s health care system.

A PhD student within the School of Nursing and focused within the Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, Tamara’s dissertation project examines the feasibility of using restorative yoga to assist in symptom management for individuals diagnosed with the chronic disease of fibromyalgia. This research creates the cornerstone for her future work in complementary health-enhancing approaches within chronic disease populations.

A major component of her research conceptual framework emanates from the mindfulness practices incorporated within the targeted complementary therapies. Individual intention to practice and intention for the complementary practice itself affects outcomes and modulates the body’s response to the therapy thereby affecting the downregulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Interruption of the chronic stress cycle found in chronic disease is a key objective of her research interventions.

Tamara is certified in flow and restorative yoga and is a registered member of both Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She holds a second level Usui Reiki certification and has studied Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, and Aromatherapy. Along with her PhD studies, Tamara is currently completing a teaching certification in a form of therapeutic yoga known as Viniyoga and is pursuing a Level 1 Healing Touch Therapy certification.