Yoga and Meditative Practice Club for Students of the Health Sciences (YMPCSHS)



Yoga and Meditative Practice Club for Students of the Health Sciences (YMPCSHS)

Health Sciences Students are invited to take participate in a new initiative between students in the School of Medicine and School of Nursing at U.Va.

Self-care and stress management are paramount for students of the health sciences and there is no way one can become a successful healer as a physician or nurse without time spent cultivating your own health before that of your patients.

With this in mind, students from the Nursing School and School of Medicine are seeking to start a new interdisciplinary club for students in both of these health science fields. The club will be known as the Yoga and Meditative Practice Club for Students of the Health Sciences (YMPCSHS) and will promote practices of self-care, personal wellness and positive communication through the practice of mindfulness and yoga. There is no better way that we can imagine to prepare yourself for your future careers as nurses and physicians than by spending time together outside of the hospital engaging in life-sustaining practices of self-awareness, mindful movement and stress management.

The club will sponsor and offer several on-going activities for students throughout the remainder of the school year. The first offering is:

Life Maintenance for Health Sciences Students
Formerly offered at UVA.

In addition to this specific weekly practice, the club will advertise free weekly yoga classes taught in McLeod Hall. The classes will be led by Esther Lozano, an experienced and compassionate teacher of alignment-based and restorative yoga. We will advertise scheduled weekly meditation sittings both in the early morning and evening to fit anyone’s busy schedule and provide a great way to refocus and reenergize for a day of classes. In the future we are also planning on starting “drop-in” style mediation sittings for students where students can come and go as they please during designated “open” times for the meditation spaces.

If you are interested in receiving emails for weekly events as part of the YMPCSHS club, please add your name and email to the Google Spreadsheet.