Youth-Nex: The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development



Youth-Nex: The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development

YOUTH-NEX  The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development — is a transdisciplinary center promoting healthy youth development, educational attainment and learning. Working across the University, Youth-Nex focuses on the assets of young people and works in a wide variety of areas including health management, civic engagement and education. Youth-Nex also aims to prevent youth problems such as violence, physical and mental health issues, substance abuse and school failure.


Youth-Nex programs of research focus on critical areas of youth development - physical activity, nutrition and healthful eating, and the mind-body connection (using contemplative practices, such as mindfulness and yoga). These programs are multi-investigator, cross-disciplinary systematic research efforts. Each program is led by a U.Va. faculty member possessing substantial experience and expertise. It is their goal to generate new understanding about the most useful practices and appropriate policies in youth development.

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