Contemplative Institute for Teaching & Learning 2022: Exploring Our Edges



Contemplative Institute for Teaching & Learning 2022: Exploring Our Edges


Serenity Ridge Retreat Center

Monday August 8, 2022 - Friday August 12, 2022 
The institute begins at noon on August 8 and ends at 2pm on August 12.

This event is co-sponsored by CSC and the Center for Teaching Excellence and facilitated by Karolyn Kinane and Dorothe BachWe are honored to welcome Michelle Coghill Chatman, Ph.D. as a guest facilitator. 

Michelle Coghill Chatman is a contemplative social justice educator, anthropologist, vocalist, and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of the District of Columbia and Founder of the Black Mindfulness Summit. Coghill Chatman was recently featured in Mindful Magazine's "10 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement: 2022."

The institute welcomes instructors from any college or university who have been practicing contemplative pedagogy for two or more years.

What has become comfortable in your practice of contemplative pedagogy? What new edges are you exploring? Where are you uncomfortable with and how can that sensation be an invitation for growth? What is the next horizon in your practice of contemplative pedagogy?

Register for the Contemplative Institute for Teaching & Learning: Exploring Our Edges August 8-12, 2022 to be held at the Serenity Ridge Retreat Center in Shipman, Virginia.

The event offers a reflective framework to center contemplative processes in support of critical thinking, creative expression, problem solving, ethical action, and systems transformation. Registration is limited to 20 participants

Participants will explore how pedagogy can support student flourishing and enhance their own well-being while engaging with some of the most pressing issues of our time—from environmental degradation to social inequities and increased social and political polarization. Together, participants will reflect upon their own contemplative journey to discern next steps for their practice of contemplative pedagogy to reduce harm, live in alignment, and use power with care. 

Contemplative pedagogy is an approach to teaching and learning with a long and rich history across discipline and traditions. It invites faculty and students to engage in values-exploration, build capacities for awareness and connection, and to recognize habits of mind that enhance or undermine educational experiences.

Institute Goals

  • To connect faculty who employ contemplative pedagogy with one another for support and encouragement as well as challenge and inquiry
  • To identify contemplative processes and their enhancement of academic endeavors
  • To explore relationships among contemplative pedagogy and other historical and cultural pedagogical initiatives and theories
  • To engage in processes and practices of instructional renewal 
  • To foreground the importance of contexts in the practice of contemplative pedagogy

Outcome Options

  • Reflective teaching statement
  • Course or activity redesign
  • Enhanced framework for practice-informed pedagogy
  • Community of scholar-practitioners committed to rigorous inquiry into, curiosity about, and love for the practice of contemplative pedagogy



Lodging and meals range in price from $480-$880 for Monday through Friday, depending on the option you chose (private or shared bedroom/private or shared bathroom).
Full registration is not complete until payment has been received for registration and room and board.
If you are unable to pre-register using the links above, please join the waitlist on the forthcoming link.

Read more about the Institute:
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