Corey Keyes on Flourishing: Is There More to Life than Happiness



Corey Keyes on Flourishing: Is There More to Life than Happiness


Fri., Sep 20 2019 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


Rotunda Dome Room

Free and open to the public

Please join us for this invited talk by Professor Corey Keyes. Keyes is a sociologist and psychologist known for his work with positive psychology and is a founding member of the Society for the Study of Human Development. Keyes currently teaches at Emory University in Georgia.

In his talk, Keyes will summarize the conception and diagnosis of positive mental health (from languishing to flourishing), findings supporting the two continua model of mental health and illness and the five implications that flow from support for this model. He will discuss the benefits of flourishing to society and individuals which are possible if public health and universities focus on mental health promotion and protection. Moreover, he will describe the construct of subjective well-being, its historical ties to philosophy and medicine, its conceptual foundations, and empirical evidence supporting the view that it consists of two theoretical traditions—hedonia and eudaimonia—that form the basis of positive mental health. In addition to reviewing the MHC-SF measure, this talk will review recent interventions used to promote flourishing. Finally, a central challenge for promoting flourishing is to understand whether happiness and the goal of making improvement in oneself are compatible. Studies will be reviewed that show that making improvements may require temporarily sacrificing hedonic well-being (i.e. feeling good) in order to function better in life. To flourish in life, we must prioritize changes that result in functioning well, which is a key role of education, especially higher education.