Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series F2018 - Conflict is Good News: Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution



Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series F2018 - Conflict is Good News: Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution


Sun., Sep 23 2018 - 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM


Rotunda Multipurpose Room

Speaker: Geoff Cox
Title: “Conflict is Good News: Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution"
Location: Rotunda Multipurpose Room 
Join local contemplative instructor Geoff Cox for a session exploring the use of meditative practices in conflict transformation. We will learn how to use mindfulness to understand our own relationship to conflict and how to transform conflict into an opportunity for creativity, growth, and connection. The session will include a short talk, a meditative practice session, and time for discussion. No prior experience with meditative practices is necessary. 
Geoff is the co-founder of The Yellow Door, an acupuncture and mind-body studio in Charlottesville. He has over a decade of experience training in and teaching the art and science of resilience and mindful leadership through his various disciplines. He created Integral Resilience™ as a system that synthesizes the best practices, tools and techniques from his work as an acupuncturist, meditation teacher, Integral Professional Coach™, wilderness educator, and qi gong instructor to offer a comprehensive but accessible program that can have a profound impact on health and wellbeing. Geoff is also passionate about embodied leadership and mindful communication skills. He trains facilitators around the country in the Shambhala practice of Social Meditation, which uses circle practices and partner activities to explore authentic communication, mindful listening, and the bravery-vulnerability of really showing up in each moment. Geoff has trained extensively in qi gong, primarily through the study and practice of Ba Gua Zhang, as well as Tai Chi, Medical Qi Gong and Tibetan Energy Yoga. read more about Geoff here.
Please arrive early—room size will dictate class capacity. 
This is part of the CSC Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series. Sessions are independent, so you may attend single or multiple events.