Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series F2018 - Eliminate Stress: How Insight and Understanding Change the Rules



Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series F2018 - Eliminate Stress: How Insight and Understanding Change the Rules


Sun., Sep 16 2018 - 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM


Rotunda Multipurpose Room

Speaker: Jeanne Catherine
Title: "Eliminate Stress: How Insight and Understanding Change the Rules"
Location: Rotunda Multipurpose Room
Please join Jeanne Catherine for a talk and experiential practice session on eliminating stress. This interactive experience will guide participants through the power of insight as a tool for resiliency, stress relief, and for enjoying greater personal and academic success. We'll expore the concepts of insight, the power of thought, and the truth behind mental health  for all human beings. This session will provide discussion and simple experiential exercises to aid understanding. Whether you are new to mindfulness or you have years of experience, this class will further your understanding and create opportunities for ease, reflection, and new ways of being.

Jeanne Catherine is the Executive Director of Three Principles Research & Development, an organization focused on researching, educating and training pathways of resiliency - especially for groups who face potentially traumatic circumstances. Deeply committed to transforming the landscape of contemporary psychology and its applications in the real world, Jeanne earned her MA in Psychological Well Being at Lesley University and is currently working on her Ph.D. at the California Institute of Integral Studies in Psychology with a focus on adult trauma and recovery. Jeanne's voracious intellectual curiosity and comfort with listening for insight are complemented by her capacity for action and genuine care for other human beings. Jeanne values a principle-based understanding that naturally improves listening and well being; increasing peace of mind, community satisfaction and desirable outcomes. With twenty-five years of experience working with groups, Jeanne’s willingness to go straight to the heart of the problem, and not be afraid of anything, reaps great benefits at work, as a host on the radio show, Waking Up: The Neuroscience of Awareness, as a Nia teacher, and as a volunteer mediator & parent educator at The Charlottesville Mediation Center.
Please arrive early—room size will dictate class capacity. This session will include interactive discussion in small groups. 
This is part of the CSC Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series. Sessions are independent, so you may attend single or multiple events.