Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series F2018 - Holding Space: Yoga for All Bodies



Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series F2018 - Holding Space: Yoga for All Bodies


Sun., Sep 9 2018 - 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM


Rotunda Multipurpose Room

Speaker: Benita Mayo
Title: “Holding Space: Yoga for All Bodies”  
Location: Rotunda Multipurpose Room 
Join local yoga instructor Benita Mayo RYT200, for this session exploring yoga for all bodies. Experience physical and mental relief in a tranquil, safe class offering moderate and light strengthening, breathing, and balance. This non-flow class is open to all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Benita interweaves guided meditation into her classes to help center you within your practice. 
During one of many diet and exercise endeavors, Benita was introduced to yoga by her personal trainer. She was drawn to yoga for its physical benefits bit didn’t expect it would completely transform her life. Yoga was the doorway through which Benita began to develop a deeper and more positive relationship with her body. She completed her Yoga Teacher training in 2016 and has additional certifications in Trauma Informed Yoga and Yoga for All. Benita uses her experience as both a larger-bodied yoga student and her teacher expertice to partner with her students creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. The subject of yoga accessibility and body image is very complex. Benita offers her voice to encourage others to take up space on their yoga mat and stand in their power. Benita is a native of Virginia and holds an undergraduate degree in Rhetoric & Communications from the University of Virginia. Benita is a fine art photographer, and enjoys traveling and biking.
Please arrive early—room size will dictate class capacity. Please wear comfortable attire and bring a yoga mat or a towel to practice yoga on.
This is part of the CSC Rotunda Contemplative Practice Series. Sessions are independent, so you may attend single or multiple events. No registration is needed.