Contemplative Commons Student Advisors

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Contemplative Commons Student Advisors

The Contemplative Commons Student Advisors (CCSA) are UVA students working to fill the Contemplative Commons with the vibrancy only students can create. They will be the initial hosts of the Contemplative Commons, welcoming students into the space for the first time.

Contemplative Commons Student Advisors make a year-long commitment to develop and pilot programs in the Contemplative Commons that expand beyond well-known contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation. To achieve this, advisors work collectively to identify the interests and well-being needs of UVA students and address them through relevant and creative programming in the new building. 

The inaugural cohort of 12 students reflects the rich diversity of the University including students from all years of undergraduate enrollment; one doctoral student; representation from 3 of the University’s colleges and schools; 12 different academic concentrations; and all have experience engaging with a range of contemplative practices. 
Currently, the advisors are developing programs for the Contemplative Commons that expand beyond well-known contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation. While the Commons remains under construction, the CCSA are piloting programs at Morven Sustainability Lab’s Student Days throughout the spring semester. Students can visit the CCSA at upcoming Morven Student Days: April 11, April 16, and May 1, 2024. Learn more about MORVEN STUDENT DAYS.

The Contemplative Commons is scheduled to open in Fall 2024. This innovative and adaptable space has unlimited potential for student engagement. The 57,000+ square foot building has the largest flat floor surface on Grounds, access to the Dell Pond, hardwood floors for dancing and movement, a commercial kitchen, outstanding technology, immersive art, and so much more.