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Gratitude Challenge

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Join us for a 30-day gratitude challenge on social media, May 4-June 2. Mention one thing you're grateful for each day for 30 days. Use #hoosgrateful and mention us @uvacsc to take part in the challenge. We're @uvacsc on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook

More on the Value of Gratitude
From our story "Maintaining A Sense of Social Connection In a Time of Social Distancing" which originally appeared in UVA TODAY:

Keep a Gratitude Journal
According to Hubbard, cultivating gratitude is another form of contemplation that can support well-being and increase a sense of connection to others. In this case, the practice is taking time and space to reflect on and be thankful for the positive relationships and social support in one’s life, or even the acts of kindness one witnesses of others.
Kaitlyn Cheng, a first-year undergraduate in the course, “Personal Adjustment: The Science of Happiness,” and an advisee of Hubbard’s, was inspired by the current crisis to keep a 28-day gratitude journal for her final class project.
“I made a list of people who made an impact on me, and I think about the first word I think of when I think of them,” Cheng said. “Then, I draw out the word and write a little blurb expressing my appreciation for them. I plan to mail their little notes to them.”
Creating the journal is helping her to stay positive during this stressful time, Cheng said, and she hopes receiving these notes can brighten her friends’ days as well.
Despite the hardships and suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of things to reflect on being thankful for, Hubbard said.
“Many students, faculty and staff who’ve had to leave Grounds are getting the rare opportunity of sheltering at home with family or friends,” she said. “Of course, this unexpected sharing of quarters may also be chaotic and even tense at times, but making a point of reflecting on and sharing our gratitude for this unique time together can help sustain us through these difficult circumstances.”

Day one: We're grateful for all of the attendees, speakers, and co-hosts who participated in our first ever Meditation on the Lawn event!

Day two: We're grateful for the work of the Compassionate Care Initiatve!

Day three: It's NationalNursesDay and NationalNursesWeek! We're grateful for the UVA School of Nursing and nurses everywhere.

Day four: We're so grateful for Hoos Well, supporting the well-being of UVA faculty, staff, and team members!

Day five: We appreciate Carla Wiliams, whose leadership of Virginia Athletics is helping to ensure the flourshing of student athletes!

Day six: We're thankful for Coach Garland for this five-step strategy for cultivating resilience and motivation among his wrestling team: TACOS — Thanksgiving, Acknowledgment, Commitment, Others, and Self. 

Day seven: We're grateful for UVA Sustainability and their work to protect the environment.

Day eight: We're grateful for the Mindfulness Center whose work integrates mindfulness-based practices into the UVA health system programs.

Day nine: We appreciate IM-REC who helps students and staff stay active and healthy.

Day ten: We appreciate Jonathan Bartels, for his dedication to promoting resilience in health care and of course for all those he has helped by creating "The Pause."

Day eleven: Kudos to Gibson Hylton whose vision has created UVA-wide meditation events.

Day twelve: We appreciate the UVA Women's Center, working for gender justice, social change, and women's empowerment.

Day thirteen: We appreciate the Class of 2020 for their hard work, perseverence, and resilience.

Day fourteen: We appreciate all of the esteemed yoga teachers from around the world contributing their wisdom to our Practice and Process series.

Day fifteen: We appreciate the LGBTQ+ Center! Thank you for supporting the advancement of UVA's LGBTQ+ community.

Day sixteen: Thanks to the Multicultural Student Services for promoting inclusion and empowerment to UVA's underrepresented students.

Day seventeen: Thank you to undocUVA for creating an inclusive environment and advocating for undocumented students!

Day eighteen: We're grateful to the UVA Library for all of the teaching, research, and personal enrichment resources!

Day nineteen—twenty-two: On memorial day weekend, we are grateful for all those who served our country in the military.