Helping Students Flourish

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Helping Students Flourish

CSC is dedicated to advancing the well-being and flourishing of UVA students during their time on Grounds and beyond. We provide numerous classes, events, and resources to support this mission throughout the year.

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CSC has typically offered this 3-credit course typically in the fall. The class is open to any undergraduate from any school, discipline, or intended major. Students explore a balance of theory and practice organized into five domains: self-awareness, well-being, connection, wisdom, and integration. Each week the course focuses on a single quality of flourishing through scientific research, humanistic reflection, and artistic expression, as well as a detailed set of contemplative practices.  “The Art and Science of Human Flourishing” was developed as part of the Student Flourishing Initiative, a collaboration among scholars at UVA, Penn State, and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
Other Academic Courses Across UVA
Each semester CSC staff curate a full list of UVA courses across disciplines that explore well-being and flourishing. 


Contemplative Classes: Yoga, Mindfulness, and More
CSC offers free classes throughout the week on a variety of yoga styles. Learn more
Live Guided Meditations
  • Virtual Meditation on the Lawn - View past sessions of this series of 15-minute virtual meditation sessions led by CSC instructors and other UVA experts. Initiated in 2020 to address stress and and to enhance connecto to self and others as a result of the pandemic. 2022-2023 Playlist; 2021-2022 Playlist; 2020-2021 Playlist
Digital Tools and Apps 
  • Insight Timer: UVA students have free premium access to thousands of guided meditations, courses, and other digital content from renowned contemplative experts. Follow CSC in the app to find our curated playlists. Download the app and learn more


CSC can provide customized programming for any student group, Greek organization, club, or residential floor on contemplation, mindfulness, building resilience, and many other topics relevant to student well-being and flourishing. Use this Student Programming Request Form to make a request.


Become a CSC student employee or intern or apply for our leadership program in partnership with the International Studies Office, and UVA Athletics called the Citizen Leaders Fellowship. Contact to learn more about this opportunity.


Contemplative Commons
The Contemplative Commons is a new multipurpose building located in the heart of UVA Grounds between Bavaro Hall and the Dell Pond. The 57,000-square-foot Contemplative Commons will incorporate several new outdoor spaces, including contemplative gardens, a tree-lined courtyard, and a new green pedestrian bridge across Emmet Street. This new indoor-outdoor complex—allowing for immersive, experiential, and participatory forms of deep learning—is dedicated to helping students flourish in all aspects of their lives at school and beyond.
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