Helping UVA Student-Athletes Flourish

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Helping UVA Student-Athletes Flourish

A Partnership with Virginia Athletics

In 2020 CSC and UVA Athletics launched a new annual leadership program for student-athletes called the Citizen Leaders and Sports Ethics Community Impact Fellowship.

This new program offers UVA student-athletes an opportunity to develop the kind of personal and professional skills they’ll need to flourish in their lives after UVA. At the same time it empowers them to address the unique issues facing fellow student-athletes, particularly the strain of balancing competitive sports pressures with academic responsibilities and social and emotional well-being.

Selected fellows identify a specific, pressing challenge to the well-being or flourishing of their teammates or the larger community of student-athletes at UVA. During the fellowship year they design and implement projects to address those challenges with evidence-based tools such as mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices. They also assess the impact of their projects using effective research measures, such as surveys, interviews, or focus groups.

Providing student-athletes with exceptional learning experiences that will help them reach their fullest potential on and off the playing field is part of UVA Athletics’ Master Plan and its goal for the new Center for Citizen Leaders and Sports Ethics.


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CSC-UVA Athletics' Partnership Promotes Flourishing for Student Athletes On and Off the Field.”

2020-2021 FELLOWS


Hailey Barnett is a fourth-year student on the UVA Women’s Rowing team. She majors in Biology and minors in African American Studies. Hailey is working on a three-prong fellowship project: (1) providing anti-racist education resources to student-athletes, (2) spearheading collaborative development of stepping stone memorials to UVA’s enslaved labors, (3) facilitating more local giving opportunities for UVA’s student-athletes.

Cole Kastner is a second-year student on the UVA Men’s Lacrosse team. He aspires to major in Commerce. For his fellowship project, Cole is focused on creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for first-year Men’s Lacrosse players through a peer mentorship program—to assist these new players in navigating the unique stressor and challenges facing student-athletes.

Diana Ordoñez is a fourth-year student on the UVA Women’s Soccer team. She  aspires to play professional soccer upon graduation. For her fellowship project, Diana is focused on developing a community of support for UVA’s Latinx/Hispanic student-athletes by organizing an affinity group to meet regularly throughout the year.

Devon Whitaker is a second-year student on the UVA Women’s Lacrosse team. For her fellowship project, Devon is focused on cultivating greater team chemistry and more supportive relationships among her teammates. She’s also working on assessing and addressing  the various stressors they face.

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