9.01.2020 - CSC Newsletter



9.01.2020 - CSC Newsletter

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As the 2020 fall semester revs up, we're highlighting resources for UVA students, the UVA community, and beyond. Over 15 virtual contemplative practices classes such as T'ai Chi, mindfulness meditation, and several types of yoga are now available to those on Grounds and anyone outside of Charlottesville. Plus there's more news for faculty and graduate students below. Read on!
Explore CSC's schedule of free virtual classes open to UVA students and to the public. Night Owl and Ashtanga classes have begun. Join us! The remaining classes begin Tuesday, September 8. Here's a list of all CSC drop-in classes at a glance.
Yoga for a Healthy Back
Yin Yoga
Qi Gong for Resilience
Mindfulness Meditation 
Yoga for Emotional Wellness 
T'ai Chi
Gentle Flow Yoga 
Mysore Ashtanga Yoga 
Beginner Mysore Ashtanga
Led Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga 
Night Owl Yoga (Yoga for Anxiety,  Flow yoga, and Ashtanga yoga)
A WAHOO WELCOME TO ALL [This event has passed]
UVA is hosting a variety of activities during these first few weeks of the fall 2020 academic term to help prepare students for life at UVA, from acclimating to Grounds to building connections with peers. As a part of this effort, CSC has been offering workshops on meditation and self-care strategies. The remaining session is below. Programs are geared toward UVA first year and transfer students but any UVA student may join!
Remaining CSC workshop:
Hoos Taking Care
Learn about self-care strategies to stay healthy this semester and beyond.
Sunday, September 6, 3:00-4:00pm
We are excited to offer CSC's innovative academic class The Art & Science of Human Flourishing (ASHF) to all UVA undergraduates. Previously available only to first-year students, the course explores human flourishing, well-being, and resilience and presents a balance of theory and practice organized into five domains: self-awareness, well-being, connection, wisdom, and integration.
Each week's class explores a single quality of flourishing through scientific research, humanistic reflection, and artistic expression. In addition, students will experience a set of contemplative practices linked to the quality explored. Registration is open.
This series of eight short videos produced by CSC's Associate Director of Pedagogy and Faculty Engagement, Karolyn Kinane, introduces contemplative pedagogy to college instructors, giving them the basic vocabulary and skills to begin to engage in teaching as a contemplative practice. With special attention to the role of this approach in backward design, the instruction offers specific examples from online learning environments in higher education. 
CSC is launching the Contemplative Practice Faculty Community to support faculty in beginning or maintaining contemplative practices. It is open to all UVA instructors whether new to contemplation, a seasoned practitioner, or anywhere in between. Past CSC Learning Community members are welcome! Additionally, we are planning a multi-day Contemplative Institute in summer 2021 for UVA faculty and instructors wanting a deep dive into contemplative practice, inquiry, and pedagogy. 
Karolyn Kinane is also available for one-on-one consultations on contemplative pedagogy, inquiry, research, and scholarship. Feel free to reach out at any time. For more information, email Karolyn Kinane: or
In early August, the 2019 and 2020 Dalai Lama Fellow cohorts met virtually for the annual  Contemplative Leadership Assembly. The gathering was an opportunity to deepen their contemplative practices and learn new perspectives on leadership and social change. By engaging in workshops and dialogues throughout the week and sharing stories and experiences from diverse cultural backgrounds, fellows left the assembly with lifelong friendships and a reimagined sense of leadership. In total, Dalai Lama Fellows has supported 194 young leaders across 52 countries.
Listen to 2020 Fellow, Florence Ofori, speak about her work empowering young girls in Ghana on DLF YouTube.
Monday, September 14, 3:30 - 5:00pm
Eligibility: UVA graduate and post-doctoral students
Location: Zoom
Taught by CSC's Karolyn Kinane, this workshop aims to help graduate and post-doctoral students navigate the various academic roles and responsibilities that at times can feel disorienting and stressful. The interactive 90-minute course will explore how contemplative approaches to research, teaching, and daily life can enhance our well-being as scientists, scholars, teachers, and students. This class is part of PHD Plus–UVA's University-wide initiative to prepare graduate students across all disciplines for long-term career success.
We completed our yoga Q&A series featuring intriguing and wise teachers from around the world, including John Campbell; Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor; Kate O'Donnell; David Garrigues, and Robert A.F. Thurman. Videos are available here. Discussions included a range of topics, from Ashtanga yoga practice, to thoughts on aging, the Ayurveda diet, reincarnation, and the illusion of “self.” 
In addition to the ASHF course described above, check out our curated list of over 20 UVA academic classes featuring content related to well-being and flourishing. Learn more.
(Date Change) The Serenity Ridge Dialogues: Body, Breath, & Mind will be held online October 9-11. Learn more.