Contemplative Academic Classes  — Spring 2020

View a curated list of UVA academic courses that promote flourishing and embody contemplative themes. 

Dalai Lama Fellows Video

In the fall of 2018, the Contemplative Sciences Center assumed leadership of Dalai Lama Fellows.

Contemplative Sciences Center Assumes Leadership of Dalai Lama Fellows

The Contemplative Sciences Center recently assumed responsibility for one of the world’s most unique and innovative leadership initiatives

Fall 2018 Contemplative Practice Rotunda Series Announced

Save the dates for experiential sessions including yoga for all bodies, coping with global conflict, a traditional tea ceremony, and much more.

Speaking Their Language: The Power of Contemplative Practices in the University Classroom

When Professor Emily Scida taught mindfulness practices to graduate students headed into language education, she was excited to see their anxiety decrease and self-care increase. Then she saw their academic performance improve too. 

Student Flourishing Initiative: Tools for School and Life

Researchers from three universities designed a course on human flourishing and contemplative practices for new undergrads, who are often overwhelmed by major transitions. These faculty are hoping that this will help students manage stress, and better realize their goals.

Bringing Contemplation to Life—Kirsten Gelsdorf

After years of international humanitarian work in the wake of earthquakes, tsunamis, and war, Kirsten Gelsdorf found that meditation helped her process experiences and restored her to health. Now she equipping students before they deploy.  We sat down with Kirsten to find out more about her life, her story, her practice.

CSC's Class is Helping First-Year Students Start College Off Right

CSC is partnering to help first-year students thrive academically, mentally and socially – during school and throughout their lives.