The Contemplative Commons embodies a new model of higher education at the University of Virginia that is based upon immersive, experiential, and participatory modes of deep learning that facilitate student flourishing.
This innovative complex of indoor and outdoor spaces will enable us to bridge persistent gaps in higher 

Winter Break Reading Group: Contemplative Practices in Higher Education

Join us for a discussion of the book "Contemplative Practices in Higher Education: Powerful Methods to Transform Teaching and Learning" by Daniel P. Barbezat and Mirabai Bush (authors will not be present). This book provides a gentle introduction to how contemplative practices are being used in various university classrooms across disciplines and programs and will be particularly interesting to new-comers to contemplative pedagogy.

More First-Years and Student-Athletes Benefit from CSC’s Course Focusing on Resilience, Critical Thinking, Social and Emotional Well-being

Since the fall of 2017 when the Contemplative Sciences Center first introduced “The Art and Science of Human Flourishing” to 60 first-year UVA students, course enrollment has doubled, and almost half of the 120 first-years in this semester’s cohort are student-athletes. 
“We have continued to grow our relationship with the athletic department at UVA,” said Leslie Hubbard, CSC’s Program Director for Student Engagement and Contemplative Instruction.

Spring 2020: Mindfulness in Health and Human Development — EDIS 3012

EDIS 3012 Mindfulness in Health and Human Development

Mindfulness in Health and Human Development is designed to integrate cutting edge science with practical applications for students preparing to work in caring professions, or other work environments. Evidence has shown that mindfulness can give us an edge in supporting our own well-being and our ability to provide support for others.

Spring 2020: Mindfulness for Teachers — EDIS 5012

EDIS 5012 Mindfulness for Teachers

Mindfulness for Teachers is designed to integrate cutting edge science with practical classroom applications. By focusing on the social, emotional, and cognitive demands of teaching, this course will help you develop the competencies you need to orchestrate healthy and supportive classroom dynamics, boost your enjoyment of teaching, and cultivate your students’ love of learning.


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