Mind&Body at UVA



Mind&Body at UVA

Mind&Body at UVA is a student group at UVA working to build a community that supports healthy living, self-exploration, and genuine connection through contemplative practices. Founded in 2015, we have worked in direct partnership with the Contemplative Sciences Center to create a thriving contemplative space on Grounds through offering free events, such as weekly drop-in meditations, day-long retreats, Contemplative Fairs, yoga, hiking, and more. Our mission is to foster a higher degree of mindfulness and healthy living in the UVA community, one breath at a time.

College students face many unique challenges as we move away from home and begin to navigate new forms of independence, learn to rely on new support networks, and undergo personal transformations, all while dealing with intense new levels of both social and academic pressure. These challenges can quickly become overwhelming and many students aren’t prepared to handle the stress-- That’s where contemplative practices come in.

As a Student CIO, we aim to support each other and our community through sharing in the benefits of quieting the mind, connecting with ourselves and the world around us, and simply breathing. If you’re at all curious, skeptical, interested, or looking for something new and different, come to one of our events and learn what contemplation can do for you! All are welcome.

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