Flourishing Habits: Coming January 2021



Flourishing Habits: Coming January 2021
Flourishing Habits is a new mobile app for UVA students to track, schedule, and learn about tiny habits that support their well-being and flourishing. 
  • FLEXIBLE FEATURES: Using smartphones at their own pace, students can monitor  activities, engage in guided practices, pursue challenges, and explore additional resources that support flourishing habits
  • KEYS TO WELL-BEING: The app helps users cultivate habits that support well-being in five research-based ways in particular:  
  1. Connecting to others by broadening and deepening relationships with family, friends, neighbors, peers, co-workers, and more
  2. Being active by engaging in regular physical activity
  3. Taking Notice by being curious, savoring the moment, observing the beautiful or unusual, and being aware of one’s surroundings and feelings
  4. Continuing to learn by trying new things, pursuing new challenges, and learning new skills formally or informally
  5. Giving to others through acts of kindness for friends or strangers, volunteering one’s time, expressing gratitude, etc.
  • AN EVIDENCE-BASED TOOL: This UVA app is based on the UniWellBeing platform, which is grounded in the latest research on how to connect small habits to more complex practices and behavior transformation 
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