INSIGHT TIMER PLAYLIST: Coping with the Covid Pandemic



INSIGHT TIMER PLAYLIST: Coping with the Covid Pandemic
Insight Timer offers an array of resources specifically designed to help ease the stress caused by the challenges and uncertainties of the Coronavirus pandemic. While many of the other recommendations in this guide such as those under Resources for Relaxation at Ease can also help relax and redirect the mind during this difficult time, the resources listed here directly addresses the experience of living through the present pandemic.
*Note that for ideal functionality, it is best to link to the recordings in this playlist via the Insight Timer app on your mobile device rather than through the Insight Timer website.

Re-Centering in Times of Uncertainty (8:44)

Alexandra Elle
In this guided meditation, Elle encourages the listener to walk alongside fear, directing the listener to be here now, to center, to soften, and to release.

Saqib Rizvi
Saqib’s gentle direction helps the listener connect to a wellspring of resources within. This guided meditation leads the listener to let go of stress and a world of concern to discover a natural place of peace.

Andy Hobson
This guided visualization directs the listener to find a powerful sense of ground and stability in challenging times.

Giovanni Dienstmann
Rather than shy away from current fears and deep concern about the state of the world, this guided contemplation invites you to address them directly before delving within to settle, take account of your current state of mind and feelings in body, and relax into an easing of the breath that helps you let go––with intentionality––the difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions arising in response to the pandemic. The speaker makes use of the ROAR technique: Recognize, Observe, Accept, Release, which can be especially helpful in times like these.

Tara Brach
For a longer exploration of how to work with our present context, this podcast by renowned Buddhist psychologist, teacher, and author Tara Brach directly and personally addresses the range of real concerns arising due to the pandemic. Rather than ignore our experience of the crisis, this talk welcomes the rawness of our emotional response and encourages us to find empowerment and opportunity in the strength of our humanity. Includes a guided RAIN meditation to directly address and ease the stressors of the pandemic and the demands of quarantine.


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