Student Flourishing APP: Coming 2022



Student Flourishing APP: Coming 2022
The Contemplative Sciences Center is developing a new Student Flourishing mobile app for UVA students to track, schedule, and learn habits, practices, and other activities that support their well-being and flourishing. 

FLEXIBLE FEATURES: Using smartphones at their own pace, students can monitor activities, engage in guided practices, pursue challenges, and explore additional resources that support flourishing behaviors.

KEYS TO FLOURISHING: The app is based on six research-based keys to flourishing:  

  1. Equity
  2. Awareness 
  3. Physical Health 
  4. Connection 
  5. Wisdom 
  6. Resilience

AN EVIDENCE-BASED TOOL: This UVA app is based on the UniWellBeing platform, which is grounded in the latest research on how to connect small habits to more complex practices and behavior transformation.

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